Wilson Reis supports Demetrious Johnson’s claims but wants to see him fight TJ Dillashaw

The latest of many men to have lost to Demetrious Johnson, the UFC’s dominant flyweight champion, Wilson Reis has followed the confusion closely that took possession of his division over the course of the last few weeks. While UFC president Dana White is struggling to convince his champion to accept a fight against former bantamweight champion TJ Dillashaw, Johnson asks for extended promotion and a challenger who has already competed within the 125-pound flyweight limit at least once.

While on the one hand, Reis wants to see Johnson against the best possible challengers, he understands where his former opponent’s stance is coming from and supports him in his try to get paid more.

“I think Demetrious deserves what he’s asking for”, Reis told AG. Fight. “[He deserves it] for what he’s done for the flyweight division. I hope Dana White recognizes that, but I also think he should fight TJ [Dillashaw].”

With his own next fight set for UFC 216 in September, against Olympic Greco-Roman wrestling champion Henry Cejudo, the Brazilian followed a strategic move. Currently ranked fourth in the UFC’s official rankings, Reis faces the number two ranked fighter in the division in order to get a second crack at the championship belt.

“It’s a very interesting and very contested division with a lot of talent”, Reis said. “It was not just my choice, as the UFC does [the matchmaking], but I wanted to fight [Henry] Cejudo, [Joseph] Benavidez or Ray Borg. This fight [against Cejudo is] perfect to win and take his ranking. If I lose, I will want another fight with someone who is well ranked, too.”

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