UFC strawweight Juliana Lima got through “Harvey” unharmed but saw coach lose everything

Hurricane “Harvey” imposed disaster on the city of Houston, the state of Texas and its residents at the end of August. Among the affected families, more than a thousand people had to be rescued, provisional shelter had to be built to accommodate the now homeless, and more than 60 people died.

The unfolding drama was closely watched by UFC fighter Juliana ‘Ju Thai’ Lima.

Living in Texas since 2015 to train with BJJ professor Vinicius Magalhaes, “Ju Thai”, whose home is located in a higher area of the state, wasn’t harmed and didn’t suffer material damage. Her coach Frank Adame, however, was not so lucky.

“It was all very tense, I never went through something like this before”, Lima told AG. Fight. “I had no material damage, but the gym had. We lost the mats, and my boxing teacher, the poor guy, he lost everything. There is no bed left. Many of my training partners have lost everything.”

Trying to help, friends, relatives and fellow fighters have teamed up to collect funds and help the coach to be able to take care of the most essential needs for himself and his family. Within eight days, 14,000 dollars of a 25,000 dollar goal have been collected.

“It’s very sad to go through the area and see the people throwing everything away, abandoned animals, bodies”, said Lima, who will return home to Brazil this week after having her flight canceled three times as a precautionary measure.

Responsible for Lima’s jiu-jitsu drills, Vinicius Magalhaes reported that his academy was hit by the storm and, despite the team trying to protect the facility, suffered approximately 50,000 dollars’ worth of damage.

“It’s all well and done, it was the biggest flood in the state’s history, my gym was flooded through the ceiling, I lost two mat areas, it damaged the ceilingthe floor and a computer.”

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