Roy Jones Jr. visits UFC Performance Institute, says he would postpone retirement for Anderson Silva fight

On February 8, the career of one of boxings biggest stars is set to come to an end. But while Roy Jones Jr. said that his hometown showdown against Scott Sigmon will be his last, there is one thing that could lure the legend back under the lights.

Visiting the UFC Performance Institute in Las Vegas to promote is fight, which is set to stream on UFC Fight Pass, the topic of conversation with reporters quickly turned from concrete to abstract, namely a bout against former UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva that has been the cause of rumors for many years.

“I was so interested”, Jones said. “Because I knew that, just like the Conor McGregor versus Floyd Mayweather fight turned out one of the best events of all time, I knew that the Roy Jones versus Anderson Silva event would’ve been one of the best events of all time. So, when you talk boxing, it’s one thing. When you talk MMA fighting, it’s another thing, but when you talk events, it’s a whole other light.”

A potential bout between Jones and Silva has been rumored for years, even when the latter was still dominating the UFC’s middleweight division as its longest-reigning champion. The UFC, though, would never agree to let its champion cross over to boxing at the time, a stance that was of course reversed when lightweight champion Conor McGregor took to the ring last August to battle Floyd Mayweather.

With that event in the history books and despite the years that have passed since his own blockbuster bout was first mentioned, Jones believes that it would still create serious buzz.

“He was one of the most superior guys they’ve had at the UFC […]. It’s still something people would want to see […]. I’d definitely watch it, even if I wasn’t even Roy Jones. I’d still want to watch it right now, because I want to see how good he is pulling off Roy’s tricks, and could he use those tricks against him? Yet I’d also want to see what Roy came up with different and new, because with his old stuff, you’ve got to come up with something different because he knows that and it’s not going to work on him. So, it’s more of an event than a boxing match, and events always outweigh boxing matches.”

“When you see two guys come together and make over a hundred million dollars, do you think it’s good for each other? You’d be a fool if you didn’t support UFC and boxing, because look what you all can do together.”

Over the course of a professional career that started back in 1989, Roy Jones Jr. collected world titles in five different weight classes. And while Jones and Silva have regularly been seen trading hugs and warm words at UFC events, the two veterans apparently wouldn’t have any issues strengthening their bond even more with their fists.

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