Going into UFC Winnipeg, struggling Erick Silva finds motivation in son’s interest in MMA 

Set to return to the Octagon at UFC Winnipeg this Saturday, Erick Silva has to get back on track in the great white north against Jordan Mein. Despite a current rough patch that has seen the Brazilian lose three of his last four fights, though, “Tiger” says there’s no extra pressure to get a positive result.

“Every fighter craves a victory, whether you’re coming off a win or a loss”, Silva told AG. Fight. “If you’ve won, you want to keep your streak intact, and if you’ve lost, you want to turn things around. So, it’s no different with me. I’ve trained a lot for my next fight, regardless of past results. I’m focused on my next fight and I’m sure I’ll come out with the win. We trained a lot for this, I dedicated myself a lot in training.”

“On Saturday, I’ll be able to show to everyone that this camp went amazing. We counted on the help of several athletes from all over Brazil. I’m very happy […]. I have no worries about going there and having to win, I don’t feel this pressure. I brought in athletes who are very similar to my opponent, who have the same style as him, the same features. I was put in difficult situations so that I can go into the fight and not get any surprises there. At the time of the fight, I’ll be very calm. On Sunday, when all this is over, we’ll be able to celebrate the victory a lot.”

Almost ironically, while experiencing a low inside the cage, things are going pretty well outside of it for Silva. “Tiger” has set up his own academy in Espírito Santo after living in Rio de Janeiro for seven years to become more present in the life of his 7-year-old son.

“I train every day and my son is with me in training every day – that’s priceless”, Silva said. “I was able to put together a training routine that fits well with my son’s routine. I think that being with him every day is great.”

“What motivates me the most about him is that lately, he’s been enjoying being in the gym. Every time he’s there he says: ‘Father, throw that punch’. ‘Dad, you could do that kick now’, and that makes me proud. Because I never put that on him, I never said, ‘Son, you’re going to have to train.’ It’s something that he himself wants to do. So, that makes me very happy, to see that he has that interest. I think he’s much more attached to me that way, too.”

A UFC fighter since 2011, Silva was considered one of Brazil’s best MMA prospects but has since struggled to put together a streak that could’ve pushed him to the top. Of his 14 bouts inside the Octagon, Silva has lost seven, but was frequently involved in “Fight of the Night” showings in victory or defeat.

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