Charles Oliveira still wants to return to lightweight after defeating a champion and founding a family

Life is good for Charles ‘Do Bronx’ Oliveira. First, the Brazilian became father to his first daughter, then he defeated former Bellator champion Will Brooks at a crucial moment in his career. Now, he is setting his sights on breaking records.

That is despite not currently being listed in the top 15 at featherweight or lightweight, the divisions in which he has competed in in the UFC. At the age of 27, seven of which he spent with the industry leader, Oliveira already boasts nine finishes in the promotion, putting him in the same category as Nate Diaz and Damian Maia. Still, in order to break Diaz’ and Joe Lauzon’s record of 15 post-fight bonuses, Oliveira has a lot of work left inside the cage with six checks missing to accomplish that feat.

“I’ve always wanted to be in the UFC, along with the best, and I think some of my finishes, like the calf slicer (against Eric Wisely in 2012), had never been seen in the MMA world”, Oliveira told AG. Fight. “I already have that record there. [There’s] a lot of firewood to burn in the UFC, I’m next to big names like Demian Maia and Nate Diaz , so for sure I want to beat that record and keep finishing more people inside the cage to be able to grow even more.”

“I’m looking forward to breaking records, right? These guys have been in the UFC since long before I came, they are guys who are soon to retire. They are already at a certain age, so I sure have those goals of winning more and more, earning bonuses and breaking records.”

Despite his big plans, “Do Bronx” admits that everything is not perfect for him in his career. After failing to reach the 146-pound featherweight limit multiple times and doing so again for his fight against Ricardo Lamas last November, the UFC forced Oliveira to move back up to lightweight. It is there that Oliveira defeated Brooks, but even that victory isn’t enough for the Brazilian to consider staying at 155 pounds.

“Brooks was a tough guy, a respected guy, and [my performance] was very convincing”, Oliveira said. “But I want to go back to featherweight, that’s where I want to fight and where I feel good. To choose fighting, I have always faced guys with big names and I think that will help me. Let’s see [what happens], maybe it’s more [fights] at 155 pounds or leaving the division.”

Regardless of the UFC’s decision regarding the division the Brazilian will compete in for his next fight, Oliveira now has an extra reason to overcome his struggles and continue chasing his dreams. With the birth of Tayla, his first child, the Brazilian guaranteed that he is even more focused on his octagon appearances and stressed that the most important thing for him is to be happy – which shouldn’t be too hard given that he has his own little family now.

“I never let anything go beyond my performance and I never say [I lost] because of this or that. I think that just as in my last fight before my daughter was born, when I was very happy and happy about her birth, I will stay focused. Now, I have something bigger to motivate me, my daughter, so now it’s time to move forward and be happy. Whatever [happens] or not, my daughter will be there looking up to me.”

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