“Bigfoot” Silva wants to fight two more years, says he’s still hungry

After ending his UFC stint in 2016 with three consecutive knockout losses, Antônio “Bigfoot” Silva started a new chapter of his MMA career Russia. And even though his rough patch continued overseas, the Brazilian said that the change of scenery was “the best thing” that could’ve happened to him. Which is one of the reasons why you shouldn’t expect “Bigfoot” to ride into the sunset anytime soon.

“For me, it was a huge joy to be in the UFC”, Silva told AG. Fight. “The UFC is the biggest event in the world. I never had any pressure, I always fought very happy, very happy and willing. Thank God that I was able to fight there. I did six main events in the UFC, I always fought very happy and without any pressure. But today, the best thing that happened in my life was to go to Russia.”

“I’m very grateful for everything that happened in the UFC, all the main events I’ve done, their treatment with me, the respect and affection. But in terms of money, Russia was much better. I’m very happy. I have three more fights to do there, according to my contract, so, for now, it’s recovering [from knee surgery] for me and then I’ll be back at a hundred percent.”

At age 38, “Bigfoot” claimed that he’s not yet ready to hang up his gloves, saying that he’ll remain active for at least two more years. Despite his recent lack of success – five consecutive defeats, four of them coming by way of K.o. – Silva said that he still has the itch to train and compete.

“Unfortunately, I went through a bad phase, and I’m still going through it, which involves personal and professional things”, Silva said. “I’m 38 years old, I love the sport, I love what I do. I’ve been in sports since I was five years old in the martial art of karate. As long as I have […] the health and the will to train and fight, I will fight […]. We make plans and god makes others. I can plan to go two [more] years and finish [my career] sooner, or it could be later. I don’t know.”

“I’m very healthy and very willing, I just have to recover my knee; I already want to fight again. I’m very willing, and that feeling in the stomach is already a reason to fight again. I thought about fighting for another two years, professionally. After that, take a break, rest, enjoy the family. Because our profession is a profession that requires a lot of time, you must leave the family aside, you must eat well and go to sleep early. My first fight was in 2004, in Paraíba. I had a great career, I’ve faced great athletes. I want to fight two more years.”

A professional fighter since 2005, “Bigfoot” has had many ups and downs in his career. The Brazilian accumulated 19 victories in his career, 14 of which were knockouts with names such as Travis Browne or Alistair Overeem amongst them. Silva fought for the UFC heavyweight title once in 2013 but lost to Cain Velasquez.

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